After-School Reading Program

6 Weeks - Online Program (Grades K-8)

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Upgrade your kids’ reading skills this year with our step-by-step, results-driven After-School Reading Program with spelling and phonics. Learn through our custom-designed visual, auditory, and tactile methods that actually help your brain work more efficiently and make learning easier.

7-day trial for $7And then a one-time payment of $220.

Online After-School Reading Program

Online Program

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Video Spelling Lessons

Video Spelling Lessons

Phonics and Reading Card Games

Card Games

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers

Help and Support

Help and Support

A Typical Day…

Every Day

Get a Daily Email

Want to have a quick reminder and a link to dive right back into the after-school reading program? We got you! We send out daily emails with a quick list of what you are working on for that day. Follow the link to log in to the program.

Mondays and Wednesdays

Reading Comprehension Lesson (15-20 min)

On Mondays, your child will read aloud a half page to two page selection. Next, they will take notes on the selection using one of our custom-designed graphic organizers. Two days later, to build long-term memory, they will answer comprehension questions.

Every Day

Daily To-Do (5 min)

We have custom designed daily and weekly planning sheets where we ask students to estimate how much time something will take them and then to mark how long it actually took them afterward. This activity helps them start to gauge how much time something will actually take. At the end of the week, we have a Week-In-Review form where they will self-evaluate what they did during the week and what they liked/disliked and what they want to do the following week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Phonics and Spelling Lesson (15-20 min)

There is a method to spelling! Your child will learn the first 3-4 spelling patterns and start identifying the underlying pattern of the English language. For the lesson and test, they will follow along with video and audio where we break words down one sound at a time. The test is self-correcting. We also provide puzzles and worksheets.

Every Day

Reading Fluency Training (5 min)

Each day you will do a short reading fluency drill with your child for 5 minutes. These research-proven, phonetic-based, custom designed drills focus on improving visual processing skills. You and your child will start seeing tangible progress by the third or fourth day of doing the drills.

Every Other Day

Brain-Body or Executive Function Activity (5-15 min)

We rotate brain-body and executive function activities throughout the week. These activities help strengthen decision-making skills, planning skills, and get your mind and body working together as one.

Please Note

Most work is done either offline with paper and pencil or as an activity either in the house or outside. The program is accessed completely online, with instructional videos, step-by-step weekly and daily schedules, and curriculum. The Spelling and Phonics Lessons, however, are all video lessons where students follow along with the video.

Younger students (Grade K-3): Most of the activities are done with parent and child together.

Older students (Grade 4-8): There are a couple of activities (namely, the Reading Fluency Training) that are done with a parent, but the rest can be self-directed.

You will need a printer to be able to print out reading selections, graphic organizers, reading drills, worksheets and more.

What Makes Scholar Within Different?

We teach in a drastically different way from schools, tutors, or even other learning centers. Our auditory, visual, and tactile spelling component will transform the way you’ve thought about spelling. Our phonetic reading drills will train your eyes to move fluidly and accurately, and increase your brain’s processing speed. We include planning and executive function skills because these are the essentials skills everyone needs in life. Our brain-body activities get your mind and body working together as a machine to make learning easier overall.

  1. Research-Proven, Phonetic Reading Drills
  2. Learn Spelling by Spelling Patterns
  3. Custom-Designed Graphic Organizers
  4. Planning and Executive Function Activities
  5. Brain-Body Activities
  6. Step-by-Step Program
  7. Designed by Learning Expert Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Kids’ Reading Skills?

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    Last summer my 3 kids were enrolled in both Scholar Within and another major reading program. Scholar Within had more fun activities and games and really focused on building the underlying skills to really prepare for the upcoming year. The other program didn’t build skills in the same way and was less interactive in my home.

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