Grades K – 8 (Online)

At-Home and Online Reading Program

With Spelling and Phonics

Upgrade your kids’ reading skills with our comprehensive, results-driven reading program.

Summer Reading Program 2020: Online (Grades K-8)
  • 45-60 Minutes a Day

    Fit the reading program in your schedule, at-home, and in bite-sized activity increments.

  • Weekly Reading Program

    Each week, you will get a week's worth of lessons. 4 Days a week with an optional Friday.

  • Gains in 1 Week

    Your kids will read more words per minute in the first week! They'll see their progress each day.

Upgrade Your Kids’ Reading Skills

Read Faster and More Fluently

Read Faster

Start seeing your child’s success in the first week. With our research proven reading fluency component, you will see gains by the third or fourth day.

Improve Reading Comprehension

Understand What You Read

Your kids will learn to look for key points in their reading selections and improve their critical thinking skills. They’ll learn to take thoughtful notes using our custom designed graphic organizers and understand what they read the first time they read it.

Improve Reading Comprehension

Unlock the Code to Spelling

Despite what you may have been told, there is a structure to English and spelling! There are 8 main spelling patterns that enable you to spell hundreds of thousands of words. In this program, you will learn the first 3-4 spelling patterns through video and audio lessons that will help you achieve mastery in spelling.

Brain-Body Balance Actitivities for Kids Brain-Body Balance Actitivities for Kids

Your Brain-Body Connection

The brain and body work together as a machine. When your mind and body are working together in tandem, fluidly, and efficiently, everything becomes a little bit easier. Our at-home and online reading program has activities you do each week that help strengthen your brain-body connection.

Improve Executive Function and Planning Skills

Level Up Your Planning Skills

Your kids will use our custom fill-in-the-blank forms to plan their day and week. They’ll estimate how much time will be needed and review their accomplishments. They’ll become more thoughtful decision makers and strengthen their time-management skills.

Get Your Kids Ready For the Next School Year

Give Your Kids an Academic Advantage

As each week’s lessons are completed, you will see your kid’s confidence improving. Their ability to read with ease, their vocabulary, and their understanding of what they read improves. Strong reading comprehension skills prepare your kids to advance with confidence and have a love of learning.

How It Works

1. Get a Daily Lesson

Each day you get a schedule of the days’ activities including a set of worksheets and reading selections. Short video lessons show you what to do. Each week also includes brain-body activities and a game.

2. Do Activities

Each day you will do our research proven 5-minute reading fluency training followed by a comprehension or spelling lesson. To wrap up the lesson, you will do a brain-body, executive function activity, or play a reading game.

3. Advance Faster

Chart your reading progress day after day. Your kids will be able to see their own success. Planning will become easier, reading will become easier, life will become easier. Your teachers will ask what your kids are doing at home!

Scholar Within's Online At-Home and Online Reading Program

At-Home and Online Reading Program

Designed by Learning Expert Bonnie Terry M.Ed., BCET

Scholar Within’s Online At-Home and Online Reading Program has been designed by learning expert Bonnie Terry. Bonnie Terry is a board-certified educational therapist with over 35 years of experience. She has helped tens of thousands of students across the world improve their reading and overall learning skills through materials she has custom designed.

Bonnie Terry has been featured on...

Bonnie Terry has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and Microsoft Partners in Learning

Whether you are looking to boost your skills to read and learn faster and more efficiently, or if you are struggling and looking to make learning easier, Bonnie’s methodology has been proven time and time again to help student’s brains work more efficiently. By focusing on visual, auditory, and tactile methods of learning with custom designed methods, learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.

In Partnership with Bonnie Terry Learning

Reviews from Parents

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

“Last summer my 3 kids were enrolled in both Scholar Within and another major reading program. Scholar Within had more fun activities and games and really focused on building the underlying skills to really prepare for the upcoming year. The other program didn't build skills in the same way, and was less interactive in my home.”

- Tricia L.

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

“My daughter is begging me to do your reading program again to strengthen her skills. The guides for note-taking and how to pick out important information was only second to the fun activities each day last year. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for this year!”

- Amy D.

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

“The videos made all the difference in the world. The spelling videos showed me step by step the structure. You really made spelling easy for my kids. I just keep working with the video, the spelling, the way you explain it, they watch it over and over. It really sinks in. Your materials help build their self-esteem up. They’re short quick activities. You can get so much done in half an hour.”

- Regina A.

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

“We really loved the program. Thanks so much for all of the neat assignments and games to enhance executive function skills.”

- Calvin T.

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