How to Find the Best Summer Reading Program

By Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET

Kids lose on average 39%

of what they learned over summer...

*Study of 18 million students from 2008 to 2016 across 50 states.(Atteberry & McEachin, 2020)

Summer learning loss

has been compounded by


With the right

you can stop

the summer slide

summer reading program

Key points to look for in a summer reading program...

Is the reading program


multisensory and

Research shows that learning through hearing, seeing, and doing creates, strengthens, and opens multiple brain neuro pathways. This builds stronger associations, improves retention, and speeds up recall skills.

step-by-step curriculum?

Does the program include a

✅ Identify the main idea and details

Reading Comprehension


✅ Sequence events

✅ Take notes with graphic organizers

✅ Build vocabulary

✅ Compare and contrast

Does the program teach

How to:

how to read faster

*NOT to be confused with speed reading which has been shown to limit comprehension

or losing comprehension?

✅ Progress tracking

✅ Repeated readings

✅ Technology-assisted read along

✅ Short, daily reading fluency activities

Does the program teach

without skipping, skimming,

phonics instruction?

systematic and sequential

Does the program include

✅ Match sounds to letters

✅ Orton-Gillingham based

✅ 8 primary phonetic patterns

✅ Accurately sound out words

* Research shows learning to read through phonics is more effective than whole word instruction

✅ Improve word recognition

Does the program teach


with spelling patterns?

✅ Most words follow the         8 spelling patterns.

Spelling and reading are       directly connected.

✅ When you can spell better,        reading becomes easier.

Does the program include



Introducing Scholar Within's

Introducing Scholar Within's

✅ Science-based

✅ Multisensory curriculum

✅ Reading comprehension       strategies

✅ Reading speed training

✅ Phonics instruction

✅ Read-aloud technology

✅ 45-60 minutes a day

✅ At-home and online

✅ Video lessons

✅ Worksheets and printables

✅ 6-week, 8-week, or        10-week program

Introducing Scholar Within's

This summer reading program really helped my daughter and we saw a difference in her reading and spelling fairly quickly. Plus, she enjoyed the lessons which, as a parent, is probably the most important thing as she was motivated every day to continue learning. - Jill G.

Introducing Scholar Within's

Scholar Within has been an amazing resource for my 8-year-old twins this summer. I was so worried about what to do during this summer. It has been great to see how far they have come. They definitely enjoyed how interactive it has been, not just reading. I have recommended this to many of my friends. - Danielle D.

Introducing Scholar Within's

Thanks for your help throughout this process. You are so responsive whenever I have a question or concern. I see activities on the different levels for my kids which makes them easy to follow. This has been an awesome experience for our family. - Kameron F.