Spelling Programs

At-Home and Online Spelling Program

With Spelling Patterns and Phonics

Help your child become a  confident and accurate speller.

Most words in the English language follow 8 simple phonetic patterns.

Learning to spell with spelling patterns helps make spelling easy.

This is much easier than memorizing 30+ spelling rules.

Multisensory and step-by-step curriculum is the most effective.

Research shows that learning through hearing, seeing, and doing opens multiple brain pathways.

This builds stronger associations, improves retention, and speeds up recall skills.

Learning in a sequential, mastery-based format builds upon prior lessons.

How does Scholar Within's spelling program work?

15-20 Minutes a Day, 3-Days a Week

Grade Level Specific Curriculum with Spelling Patterns

Interactive Video Lessons

How does Scholar Within's spelling program work?

Puzzle Printables and Spelling Worksheets

Phonics and Word Attack Card Games

Research-Based, Results-Driven

     Once we started working with your spelling system, the difference was incredible. It made such a difference in my daughter’s life. Your system gave me an actual step-by-step way to help her. My daughter now spells without difficulty. Thank you.

– Shelly B.

    Your videos make it so easy for my kids to actually see and hear how letters and sounds come together to make words. They are improving my kids’ spelling and reading skills. Such a bonus! And, they love playing the games, too.

– Sky B.