4 Best Practices to Teach Spelling to English Language Learners (ELL)

Our Spelling Program includes the following best practices for ELL (English Language Learners) to learn how to spell successfully.

Auditory: Phonemic/Phonetic Development

  • Listen to the proper pronunciation of sounds and words 
  • Translate sounds to letters and break words up into syllables
  • Split letters up so students can connect a particular sound with a particular letter or morpheme. For example, the word shut can be broken up into sh u t
  • Play letter, word, and vocabulary games that combine auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modes of learning

Visual Development

  • See how words are constructed with spelling patterns
  • See how syllables join together to make words
  • Learn a systematic way to put letters together to make words

Word Construction

  • Understand the way vowels and consonants work together to make words
  • Learn the 8 spelling patterns
  • Learn the multiple sounds of vowel-vowel teams ea, oo, ou, ie, etc.
  • Learn how to add suffixes and prefixes

Non-Linguistic Representation

  • Use visual imagery
  • Use physical or pictorial models
  • Use kinesthetic activities to cement in the learning
  • Focus on similarities and differences in words such as sorting by patterns and/or categories

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