Grades K-8

At-Home and Online

After-School Reading Program With Spelling and Phonics

At-Home Online Reading Program

7-Day FREE Trial and then $47/mo

After-School Enrichment Program

Level up your child’s reading skills with Scholar Within’s reading program.

  • Step-by-step at-home and online lessons
  • Fun and engaging short, daily activities
  • Carefully selected reading selections and questions
  • Learn to spell through phonetic patterns
  • Research-proven reading fluency training
  • Card games that get the whole family involved
Short, Daily Activities

Short, Daily Activities

Fit the program into your schedule, and let your kids still be kids!

Weekly Reading Program

Weekly Reading Program

4 Days a week with an optional Friday.

Online Reading Program


Access the program from anywhere.

Video Spelling Lessons

Video and Audio Lessons

Watch short video lessons each week.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

We tell you exactly what you should be working on each day.

Help and Support

Help and Support

Contact us for tips and tricks along the way.


“We have seen our boys grow in ways we never thought possible. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program that’s so effective!”


“My son’s words per minute increased by 17%, and his mistakes decreased, and this is only the first week. I can’t believe he had that much progress already!”


“The videos made all the difference in the world. The spelling videos showed me step by step the structure. You really made spelling easy for my kids.”


“Thanks for your help throughout this process. You are so responsive whenever I have a question or concern.”

Build Foundational Reading Skills

This after-school reading program targets and builds the foundational skills that are necessary to become a successful reader.

This reading program focuses on building phonemic awareness, reading fluency, comprehension, and improving the ability to decode and encode words. We work on visualization, note-taking, critical thinking, and more.

When you take a holistic approach to reading, you can dramatically improve your reading skills not just in school, but in life.

Student Results

Below are the student averages of elementary grade students using programs and materials designed by Scholar Within’s Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET.

Student Research Reading Fluency
Student Research Reading Comprehension

Learning Expert Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET

Designed by Learning Expert Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET

Bonnie Terry is a board-certified educational therapist with over 35 years of experience. She has helped thousands of students across the globe improve their reading skills whether they are gifted or are having difficulties.

Bonnie Terry has been featured on…

CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and Microsoft Partners in Learning



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