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Reading and Spelling: Decoding and Encoding

How are Reading and Spelling Connected? Reading and spelling are two sides of the same coin. In order to do one part well, you need the other part. In order to read, you need to decode (sound out) words. In order to spell, you need to encode words. In other words, pull the sounds apart…

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary are Connected Going back to my first year of teaching, I found that reading comprehension was impacted directly by vocabulary. I had a student that could read beautifully and fluently, but when asked what it was that she read, she went blank. When you don’t understand a word, how it is…

4 Steps to Goal Setting for Kids

Goal setting for kids is one of the best ways to increase motivation. Defining, setting, and prioritizing your goals is the first step to helping your child accomplish what they want to do. If they have not clearly defined a goal that they want to accomplish, it is much harder for them to actually achieve…

Educational Games for Kids (and Adults!)

The best educational games for kids are sometimes the games that don’t even seem like they are educational. The games are fun and engaging. Each player can make substantial choices throughout the game. The gameplay makes you think. Kids and even adults become more engaged in games that have greater levels of choice than those…

Reading Fluency Activities

Reading fluency is the speed or rate of reading without conscious attention to the mechanics of reading. A fluent reader has the ability to read and understand words automatically. They are able to more easily comprehend complete sentences and entire reading selections.

What is Reading Fluency?

Reading Fluency Definition Reading fluency is the ability to read smoothly, easily, and quickly. Good readers can read words automatically without having to sound out each syllable (also known as decoding). In other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and attention on the mechanics of reading. Reading becomes easy. Word recognition…

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving activities are a perfect way to spend time with your kids, have mindful moments, design crafts, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to take pictures and put them in a family album! We have five different Thanksgiving activities that are perfect to pick and choose what works for your family. Plus, download our free Thanksgiving memory matching game activity.

10 Best Practices to Improve Reading Comprehension

When you use best practices for improving reading comprehension, it is easier to understand what you have read. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand, analyze, synthesize, and use what you have read. Continue reading to discover 10 best practices to improve reading comprehension.

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