How to Do Reading Fluency Training

Homeschool Reading & Spelling Program: Registration Now Open

Getting Started

Advanced Student Example

For an example of an older student doing the reading drill, watch the following video.

Reading Fluency Training Program - Online Access - 5 Minute Fluency

Digital Access Now Available!
Reading Fluency Training Program


  • 52 Printable reading fluency drills
  • Research-proven design
  • Drills organized by phonetic patterns
  • 3 Different font sizes (beginning readers can use larger sized letters)
  • 1 Year online access
  • License: 1 family or 1 teacher

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Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills:
Boost reading speed and accuracy with Bonnie Terry Learning’s research-based, results-proven reading fluency training.

“I can’t get over the difference. Bridget won’t put a book down. Now we have to go into her room when we go to bed to be sure her light is off…she reads for hours at night. I can’t believe she read Harry Potter in just a few days!”
– Nancy H.

Ten Minutes to Better Writing and Study Skills:
Over 50 custom-designed graphic organizers for writing, note-taking, study skills, and planning.

“This book changed the way I teach! One of my favorite books. It helped my students organize their thoughts and activities. And they transferred what they used to other subjects. Great tool!”
– Claudia Koochek, Head of Westmark School

The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide:
A handy 12-page reference tool with writing tips to make your writing more interesting.

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