30-Day Reading Challenge

30 days for $20
And then a one-time payment of $39 $29.

In 5 minutes a day, you will train to read faster and more accurately.

  • Improve reading speed and accuracy
  • Speed up your visual processing skills
  • Improve oral reading fluency rate
  • Chart your progress each day to see real results
  • You will read 20% more words per minute in 30 days, or get your money back


  • 10 Printable reading fluency drills for 30-day challenge
  • Research-proven design
  • Drills organized by phonetic patterns
  • License: 1 family or 1 teacher

After challenge:

  • $39 $29 One-time payment
  • 42 Additional reading drills
  • 1 year online access

30-Day money-back challenge guarantee

How it Works

Each day you will do a 5-minute reading fluency exercise 5 times a week.

  • You will do a practice read (1-2 minutes) and then a timed read (1 minute).
  • A parent, older sibling, peer, or teacher will follow along and keep track of any errors.
  • Afterward, you or your student will chart how many words read and how many mistakes made from the timed read.

At the end of the 30-days, you will see a minimum of a 20% increase in reading speed, or your money back.

Reading Fluency Training Chart Example

See Real Progress Everyday

Each day you will chart your progress. You will see your words per minute go up and your mistakes go down. Mistakes are mispronounced words, repeated words, and skipped words.

You train your eyes to move more efficiently across a page from left to right. You will improve your visual discrimination skills to quickly and easily identify the differences between letters and words. You will speed up the processing time it takes you from seeing a word to being able to say the word out loud.

How fast do you read?

The chart below includes the average reading fluency rates by grade level and age.

Grade Level and AgeWords-Per-Minute
1st Grade (Spring)
6-7 years old
53 – 111 wpm
2nd Grade (Spring)
7-8 years old
89 – 149 wpm
3rd Grade (Spring)
8-9 years old
107 – 162 wpm
4th Grade (Spring)
9-10 years old 
123 – 180 wpm
5h Grade (Spring)
10-11 years old
139 – 194 wpm
6th-8th Grade (Spring)
11, 12, 13, 14 years old
150 – 204 wpm
14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old
200 – 300 wpm
18-23 years old
300 – 350 wpm
Adults 220 – 350 wpm
Hasbrouck, J. & Tindal, G. (2017) – Brysbaert, M. (2019)

What is reading fluency?

Reading fluency is the ability to read smoothly, easily, and quickly. Good readers can read words automatically without having to sound out each syllable (also known as decoding). In other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and attention on the mechanics of reading. Reading becomes easy. Word recognition becomes easy.

Reading fluency is the basis of comprehension and enables us to read faster and more accurately. Teaching fluency is often difficult, but our reading drills make it so much easier!

What do parents and teachers say?

One homeschool mom recently tried our reading fluency training out with her family:

“When I first heard of Bonnie Terry’s 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills program, I assumed it was only for beginning readers. Not so! It’s for everyone! My kids from 3rd to 6th grade are already benefiting from it and we’ve only been using it for a week. Their reading speed, confidence, and comprehension are going up by leaps and bounds!”

– Celena Marie

Read Celena Marie’s full review here

“I ordered your fluency drills and I am using them. They are an extremely valuable resource! Thank you for taking the time to organize these drills. The patterns of each drill page as well as the succession are truly a stroke of brilliance. Students are so self-motivated and are eager to track their progress.”

– Grateful Remedial Teacher, NY


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7-Day money-back guarantee

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30-Day Reading Challenge

30 days for $20
And then a one-time payment of $39 $29.