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Reviews from Parents and Teachers


Reviews from Parents

  1. P Penny R.

    This spelling program has given my 6 year old granddaughter so much confidence. She felt sad she struggled with trying to understand spelling at school, now she can’t wait to write. Thank you.

  2. A Amanda K.

    I love this program.

  3. J Julie G.

    We are so grateful for this program. The program made an incredibly positive impact on my son. He is so much more comfortable spelling, henceforth more comfortable writing as well.

    My son looks forward to spelling class and is a confident speller. In one year of using this program, my son moved up 4 grades on the Standford 10 test. The program far exceeded my expectations.

  4. Y Yuanyuan P.

    My son loves the spelling program and he is making huge progress. Many thanks!

  5. M Michael h.

    Great lesson pacing which promotes consistency and familiarity with each session.

  6. M Marissa B.

    My three children have made great strides in spelling since starting the program! I’ve found the website format to be a little challenging at times, but I still highly recommend! Customer service has been top notch.

  7. J Jennifer B.

    I homeschool my 10 year old twins and we have not traditionally had a strong spelling curriculum mainly because they learned to read in a school program and we began homeschooling at 2nd grade. I was really concerned that they were behind in spelling. We were able to sign up for this program so easily. My kids, who do not work on computers really at all yet were able to easily navigate the program on their own after the first lesson. They love the various exercises offered. I appreciate that the curriculum matches up well with some components of the curriculum they encounter with homeschooling with Classical Conversations Essentials of the English Language. Orton-Gillingham based theory is so reliable and successful and the kids enjoy the exercises and autonomy of working through the lessons. Thank you for this great program and for restoring my confidence that we can tackle spelling the right way at home!

  8. C Carol K.

    You know, we’ve tried various other spelling programs and spelling books. They just didn’t work. Your video lessons really show us exactly how we put letters together to make words. It has made such a difference for my son. I can’t thank you enough!

  9. N Nastassia N.

    Started 3/10/2021. My daughter’s spelling is improving already. Before the program, she received 5 wrong out of 13 for a pop spelling quiz. She received the actual quiz with those same words and a few more and got all correct. Of course her teacher was excited and gave her a prize. She was the only student to get them all correct. She received another pop spelling quiz today and got 16 correct out of 20. Your method is working. I am a very happy mom. Wish I could attach photos to prove….. so amazing. Parents, do not hesitate to try. Thanks a million for this wonderful program. Hope to purchase the reading program to get her way ahead.

  10. L Lynn F.

    This is a simple approach to teaching children to be able to spell any word by using 8 basic spelling patterns. I like the fact that I can use it with all my children who are of writing and spelling age. It does start off very easy, as it is sequential. My third-grader and eighth-grader easily learned the patterns and liked the spelling puzzle worksheets. Spelling time became easy and fun!

  11. S Suzy U.

    I never knew spelling could be so easy. I always thought there were so many words that didn’t fit the ‘rule’. Now I understand the structure of our words. It is so easy. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before. Your program makes it so easy for my kids, and I’m learning, too!

  12. A Anne B.

    My son knows the patterns. He spells very well now. I’m very impressed with the strides he’s made in spelling.

  13. C Cliff W.

    I got the spelling program for myself. Spelling has always been hard for me. I’ve tried many different spelling programs over the years. This one worked. Spelling is much easier now. I no longer make the spelling mistakes I have been famous for. What a difference this has made in my life. I actually understand spelling. Thanks, Bonnie!

  14. L Lipa S.

    I am an adult student. I was really hoping to finally master spelling. I just wanted you to know that my spelling is getting better by the day. Thanks so much!

  15. M Marcia B.

    I’m an elementary reading teacher with 30 years of experience. Scholar Within’s Spelling Program makes clear on a step-by-step basis how we put letters together to make words. For the first time, my students see the 8 spelling patterns. The kids see the patterns with all of their words. It doesn’t take them long to become proficient at it. It just takes a few days of using the program and my students’ spelling improves.

  16. A Ann E.

    I’m a veteran teacher, but new to first grade this year. Your clear explanations have really helped, as well as the technique you are using!

  17. S Shelly B.

    Once we started working with your spelling system, the difference was incredible. It made such a difference in my daughter’s life. Your system gave me an actual step-by-step way to help her. My daughter now spells without difficulty. Thank you.

  18. W Wendy R.

    We enrolled in the spelling program because my son couldn’t spell even simple words. Lo and behold, he can spell them and a lot more now. He ‘gets’ how we put letters together to make words. And, thankfully, he doesn’t have to memorize 30 spelling rules! The video and audio lessons are like having a private tutor in our home.

  19. H Heidi P.

    Spelling is much easier for my son. If your student is having trouble with the spelling rules, focusing on the eight spelling patterns may be just what they need to get them over the hurdle.

  20. R Regina A.

    The spelling videos showed us step-by-step the structure. You really made spelling easy for my kids. The way you explain it, it really sinks in. Your materials help build my kids’ self-esteem up. They’re short quick activities. We love playing the games, too. Thanks again for your program!


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