Daily Activities for Kids

How to Create a Daily Schedule for Kids (FREE Printable)

School’s out, and summer is here! Pool parties, backyard barbeques, days at the river… and summer learning loss!

Hold up. Wait. Let’s put a stop to the summer learning loss, but let’s keep the good stuff.

Kids often lose much of what they learned from the school year over the summer. This is because most of the time, during the summer, we don’t spend much time stimulating the brain and keeping kids active.

Having a routine is essential to success. Routine gives all of us structure and a sense of accomplishment. Keeping our kids in a routine will help with their stress level, keep their brains in work mode vs. vacation mode, and help parents not turn into babysitters!

We have some recommendations to help: 

  • Have regular times for waking up, eating lunch, and having dinner.
  • Create a routine for study time (preferably the same time each day for a set amount of time). This can and should include reading for pleasure.
  • Set aside time for exploration, whether it is doing an activity in the yard or exploring cooking, creating with Legos, painting, doing puzzles, sock puppet shows, or crafts.

Create Your Own Daily Schedule for Kids (FREE Editable Printable)

You can completely customize the schedule, download it as an image, print it out, and share the schedule.

We’ve populated the Daily Schedule PDF so that you have a base to start with but fill it in with what is best for you and your kids.

The key here is to try to create consistent times throughout the day for studies, eating, and family time.

Download the Daily Schedule PDF

Summer Schedule

What can you do to help improve your child’s reading and spelling skills while they are out of school?

Try our brain-based, research-based, and results-driven Summer Reading Program.

Scholar Within’s reading program is unique in that it is delivered online, with video lessons, printables, and offline activities that enhance learning. Our program is not exclusively web-based. A lot of the activities are done around the home, including writing, brain-body activities, and more. Each day has 4-6 activities for a total of 45-60 minutes of work.

Learn more about the Summer Reading Program

Online Summer Reading Program 2023

Who is Scholar Within?

Scholar Within was founded by learning expert Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET. Bonnie began designing and developing her own custom educational tools when she started her private learning center in the 1990s. Teachers kept asking what she was using with the kids who saw her because of the dramatic improvements that the kids made in school. From there, Bonnie decided to make her materials available to teachers and families worldwide.

Now, Bonnie Terry has turned her materials into a full-service online program that you can follow step-by-step at home, on your schedule. School alone is not enough anymore. Bonnie’s programs boost your kid’s overall learning skills by focusing on improving the auditory, visual, and tactile processing areas of your brain to make it work more efficiently.

Learn more about the Summer Reading Program


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