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Kids Out of School? Try These 3 Learning Activities for Kids at Home

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The school closures are affecting thousands of families. The disruption to our daily lives is hard to overstate. Our kids will be feeling the stress of that uncertainty for sure—even if they don’t show it.  

Having a routine is essential to success. Routine gives all of us structure and a sense of accomplishment. Keeping our kids in a routine will help with their stress level, keep their brains in ‘work’ mode vs. ‘vacation’ mode, and help parents not turn into babysitters!

We have some solid recommendations to help you. 

  • Have regular times for waking up, eating lunch, and having dinner.
  • Create a routine for ‘study time’ (preferably the same time each day for a set amount of time). This can and should include reading for pleasure.
  • Set aside time for exploration whether it is doing an activity in the yard or exploring cooking, creating with Legos, painting, doing puzzles, sock puppet shows, or crafts.
  • More than likely, your child’s school will push out assignments soon. Review your child’s school assignments. Create a list of work that can be done independently as well as those that need your assistance.
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Daily Schedule for Kids

What else can you do to keep your kid’s skills up when school is closed? Continue reading to learn about 3 activities that will keep your kid’s skills up in just a few minutes a day.

Activity 1: Reading Fluency

Spend 5 minutes a day with your child and improve reading skills – reading fluency. Research has shown that the more fluid and fast you read, your understanding of what you read becomes automatic and more fun. When you work on improving your reading fluency, you inherently improve your reading comprehension.

Reading Fluency Training

Download Free Reading Fluency Training Drill

Activity 2: Reading Comprehension

This second activity improves reading comprehension skills.

  • Have your kids brainstorm some topics. There is a list to start you thinking below.
  • Then, have your kids use books you have at home or do some online research about the topic.
  • Find at least 5 facts about the topic.
  • Take notes (write down the 5 facts) about the topic.
  • Write a quick summary paragraph about the topic.

Reading Comprehension Topics

Pick from our list of ideas, or brainstorm your own topics.

  1. Creepy crawly things
  2. Creatures that live in the desert
  3. Astronomy and space
  4. A place you want to go
  5. Animals, ecology, ecosystems
  6. Engineering technology
  7. How plants grow
  8. Coral reefs
  9. Dinosaurs
  10. Team sports or individual sports
  11. Men or women that have changed history
  12. U.S. history, civics, or culture

COVID-19 Announcement:
Complimentary Online Reading Program (with Spelling and Phonics)
Learn More

At-Home and Online Reading Program

Activity 3: Scholar Within’s At-Home and Online Reading Program

Are you looking for curriculum that will not only keep your kids engaged but even improve their reading and spelling skills? What about a program that makes your brain work more efficiently and learning easier? Look no further!

Our At-Home and Online Reading Program is brain-based, research-based, and results-driven. We teach students how to learn efficiently and effectively through step-by-step activities.

Each day is 45-60 minutes of short 5-15 minute activities that are designed to make your brain work more efficiently and learning easier. We do this in a multi-sensory approach with auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic activities.

Learn more about our Reading Program.

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What Are Your Favorite Learning Activities?

Do you have any activities that you are doing at home with your kids? Do you have a schedule or calendar on the wall at home? Let us know in the comments below. 😊

Who is Scholar Within?

Scholar Within was founded by learning expert Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET. Bonnie began designing and developing her own custom educational tools when she started her private learning center in the 1990s. Teachers kept asking what she was using with the kids who saw her because of the dramatic improvements that the kids made in school. From there, Bonnie decided to make her materials available to teachers and families worldwide.

Now, Bonnie Terry has turned her materials into a full-service online program that you can follow step-by-step at home, on your schedule. School alone is not enough anymore. Bonnie’s programs boost your kid’s overall learning skills by focusing on improving the auditory, visual, and tactile processing areas of your brain to make it work more efficiently.

Learn more about Scholar Within.

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