6 Benefits to Summer Reading Programs

6 Benefits of Summer Reading Programs

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The struggle is real when it comes to keeping your K-8th graders entertained and educated during the summer months! After all, there’s only so much Minecraft, swimming, and fort building one can handle. But fear not, summer reading programs have been saving summers for decades, offering fantastic benefits for your little ones.

From cozying up with library books to online family fun, there’s a summer reading program for every taste and schedule. So, say goodbye to the “I’m bored” chorus and hello to a summer of learning and laughter!

There are many shapes and sizes of summer reading programs:

  • Online reading and answering questions
  • Library summer reading programs
  • 4-hour per day programs
  • Online, at-home, self-paced summer programs that include activities that get the entire family involved
  • Reading camps
  • One-on-one tutoring

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The 6 Benefits of Summer Reading Programs

  1. Enhance Reading Skills: Phonics, Fluency, Spelling, Comprehension, Vocabulary
  2. Ignite a Passion for Reading
  3. Improve Self-Esteem
  4. Tackle Summer Learning Loss
  5. Strengthen Reading Comprehension
  6. Boost Your Memory Skills

1. Enhance Reading Skills: Phonics, Fluency, Spelling, Comprehension, Vocabulary

Summer reading programs offer a well-rounded approach to improving your reading abilities, covering all the bases: phonics, fluency, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you make while having fun at the same time!

Be sure to look for a program that is research-based and includes all of the proven methods of successfully teaching kids to read. Be sure to find a program that includes spelling.

2. Ignite a Passion for Reading

Discovering new stories, genres, and authors in a summer reading program can be a game-changer, sparking a lifelong love for reading. You never know which book will inspire you and change the way you see the world.

3. Boost Your Self-Esteem

As your reading skills improve, you’ll notice a surge in self-esteem. Being part of a supportive community in a summer reading program will help you feel more confident about your abilities and embrace your inner bookworm.

4. Tackle Summer Learning Loss

Let’s face it, summer learning loss is a real bummer. But summer reading programs are here to help you stay sharp and prevent that pesky brain drain. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the new school year begins.

5. Strengthen Reading Comprehension

With a variety of texts and engaging discussions, summer reading programs are designed to improve your reading comprehension. You’ll be better equipped to grasp complex ideas and analyze texts like a pro.

6. Boost Your Memory Skills

Summer reading programs don’t just make you a better reader; they also help improve your memory skills. As you read and engage with different texts, you’ll practice recalling and connecting information, setting you up for success in school and beyond.

Research shows us that summer reading programs really do improve kids’ reading skills and increase their desire to read. Additionally, according to the School Library Journal, those who participate not only mitigate any summer learning loss, but they even show gains. Most kids enrolled in summer reading programs develop an interest in reading, improve their comprehension, and further develop their memory skills. Reading content material even becomes more interesting.

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Top Features to Look For in a Summer Reading Program

5 Principles of Reading: Are the five principles of reading included?

We know that nurturing your little ones and even your ‘not’ so little ones into confident readers can feel like a wild adventure. So, let us be your trusty guide as we explore the 5 principles of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Let’s dive in!

  1. Phonemic Awareness: Think of this as the alphabet’s greatest hits! This is even important for older kids with spelling vocabulary words they’ve never seen before. Before you know it, they’ll be juggling phonemes like a pro.
  2. Phonics: It’s like a decoder ring for words! Phonics is all about connecting sounds to their matching letters. These are the foundational skills kids need to be able to sound out words they’ve never seen before.
  3. Fluency: Reading smoothly and expressively is the name of the game. Fluency training can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day. Your kids will be captivating readers in no time!
  4. Vocabulary: It’s time to expand those word horizons! Boost your children’s vocabulary by introducing new words and using them in daily conversations. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your kids transform into walking dictionaries.
  5. Comprehension: The grand finale of reading skills! Help your kids understand and analyze the texts they read by asking questions, making connections, and discussing their favorite stories. They’ll soon become reading detectives, eager to uncover the hidden treasures in every book.

By embracing these 5 principles, you’ll be supporting your K-8 kids in becoming skillful and passionate readers. Happy reading adventures!
BTW: All of these skills are sprinkled throughout the activities each week in Scholar Within’s Summer Reading Program.

Flexibility: Is there flexibility in the Summer Reading Program?

  • Are you tied to specific times of day, or can you work the summer reading program on your time frame?
  • Do you need to travel to the program?
  • Does the program offer a variety of reading activities including games or is it just reading and answering questions?
  • Is the summer program labor-intensive?

Affordability: How much will the program lighten your wallet?

1. Free Library Summer Reading Programs

Reach out to your local library to see what type of program they have this summer. This is typically a program where you keep track of how many books you read over the summer. They often have a weekly presentation at the library.


  • A wide variety of books to choose from
  • A weekly outing to the library where kids can socialize and make new friends
  • Keeps your kids engaged over the summer
  • Many libraries offer fun rewards and incentives for the number of books you read


  • No specific instruction on improving reading fluency skills
  • No specific instruction for learning comprehension skills and strategies for reading
  • Less personalized approach to addressing the unique needs of each child
  • Larger group sizes may make it harder for some children to focus
  • You typically need to juggle your schedule to attend the weekly session,  
  • No structure provided for reading at home

2. Scholar Within’s Online & Offline Summer Reading Program ($)


  • Affordable: Early Bird Special – Right now, the program starts at $127 with additional children only +$50 each
  • Science-based, results-proven program
  • Self-paced online and offline lessons on your schedule
  • Multisensory
  • Offline worksheets, puzzles, printables, brain-body activities, and more
  • Hand-picked online reading passages with Tap-to-Read technology
  • Become an expert at spelling by learning to spell with spelling patterns
  • Online video spelling lessons and tests
  • Change your level at any time
  • Grades K-2 work do the program with a parent or older sibling
  • Grades 3-8 do most activities on their own
  • Learn planning skills & improve executive function: organization skills, goal setting, etc.
  • Two extra weeks to complete the program in case of conflicts in your family schedule
  • Family field trip activities
  • Help & support
  • Print material available separately or print at home


  • No live teachers
  • Requires parent involvement
    • Grades K-2 work do the program with a parent or older sibling
    • Grades 3-8 do most activities on their own

Learn More about Scholar Within’s Summer Program

3. Totally Online Programs/Apps ($)

These summer programs are completely online or are reading apps where your kids are plugged into the computer without your feedback.


  • Interactive skill lessons and activities
  • Students work on their own
  • Can just sit your kid in front of a screen for a period of time each day
  • Progress, scores, and gamification (gamification may be a negative)


  • Less personalized approach to address the unique needs of each child
  • No offline activities
  • Missing areas of reading instruction (might not include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, or spelling)
  • May not have a research-based curriculum
  • Limited support

4. Live Instruction Programs ($$$)


  • Instant live support from a teacher or instructor
  • Helps students stay on task
  • Live participation
  • Able to see other students
  • Great books at challenging levels
  • Students work on their own
  • Attend weekly online classes at specific times


  • Pricing often starts at $329 + $39 material cost
  • Only five in total 1.5 hour live classes
  • Missing a class due to conflicts in your family schedule
  • Less personalized approach to address the unique needs of each child
  • You can only work at one reading level (it might be hard to change levels)
  • Limited to no one-on-one instruction
  • Teachers or instructors may or may not be reading specialists
  • Limited support
  • Expensive ‘babysitting’

5. Private Tutor ($$$)


  • Instant live support from a teacher or instructor
  • Helps students stay on task
  • Instruction tailored to student
  • Instruction tailored to student’s needs
  • Typically multisensory


  • Does not always include all 5 principles of reading
  • Tied to a specific schedule rather than your time frame
  • Instructors vary in their experience and expertise
  • No family activities
  • Expensive

6. Reading Camps ($$$$)


  • 1:1 instruction
  • Personalized approach
  • A variety of activities at your child’s level
  • Science-based


  • Tied to a specific schedule rather than your time frame
  • Instructors vary in their experience and expertise
  • No family activities
  • Expensive

Things to Keep in Mind

When making the ultimate decision for which program you choose to do with your kids this summer, think about:

Is the program based on your child’s reading level or on their grade level?

  • If your child is above grade level, can you start them there, or do they need to do their grade-level activities?
  • If your child is below grade level or way below grade level, can you start them at their current level and level up from there?

Scholar Within’s summer program lets you change your reading level and spelling levels independently at any time during your program. This lets you fine-tune the curriculum to your child’s needs.

Can you change their level as they progress?

Does the program include fluency training, decoding words, comprehension strategies, as well as spelling? 

Does the program include teaching planning skills that help boost overall learning skills?

Does the program include games and offline activities for the family to enjoy?

Is the program holistic?

Does the program work for kids with learning problems, dyslexia, or ADHD?

Scholar Within’s Summer Reading Program allows kids to be kids and gives them the foundational skills in a holistic approach. This online-delivered program is one where families work together and play together as they improve their reading skills not just in school, but in life.

Learn more about the Summer Reading Program.

At-Home Online Summer Reading Program 2024
Learn more about the summer reading program

Who is Scholar Within?

Scholar Within was co-founded by Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET. Bonnie Terry is a board-certified educational therapist, learning disabilities specialist, ADD/ADHD expert, and dyslexia expert. Bonnie has over 35 years of teaching kids of all levels, whether they are behind, at level, or looking to advance faster.

Bonnie Terry developed Scholar Within’s summer program so that families can do it at home with their kids. No longer do you have to send your kids to a private tutor or learning center. The step-by-step activities in the program will help your kids read faster, more accurately, spell with confidence, and more.

The summer reading program improves kids’ 27 areas of perception (auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic learning). In other words, it addresses any underlying root causes of learning challenges and helps make kids’ brains work more efficiently.

The activities in the summer program particularly help those that are behind or have learning challenges, but the methods even help kids who are just looking to advance faster and learn proven strategies to be able to get schoolwork and homework done faster.

Learn more about the Summer Reading Program.


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