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7th-Grade Summer Reading Program With Spelling and Phonics

Summer Reading Program 2021

Homeschool Made Easy

  • Step-by-step at-home and online lessons
  • Fun and engaging short, daily activities
  • Carefully selected reading selections and questions
  • Grade-appropriate spelling lessons
  • Research-proven reading fluency training
  • 7th- grade reading comprehension activities that improve memory skills
  • Vocabulary building activities 
  • Card games that get the whole family involved

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Summer Reading Curriculum
(Grades K-8)

Short, Daily Activities

45-60 Minutes a Day

Weekly Reading Program

6 Week, 8 Week, or 10 Week Program

Online Reading Program

At-Home and Online

Video Spelling Lessons

Video and Audio Lessons

Weekly Schedule

Worksheets and Printables

Help and Support

Help and Support

7th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages

Hand Selected 7th-Grade Reading Comprehension Selections

Each week, your 7th-grade child will read two engaging reading comprehension selections, both fiction and non-fiction. They also do more in-depth reading of different genres of literature. We’ve chosen the best reading selections that will open your son or daughter’s world of reading. Your child will learn how to talk about and summarize the stories they have read. This skill is critical for overall learning success.

7th-Grade Reading Comprehension

Note-taking and Writing Skills

Seventh grade is the year that your child begins to give objective summaries of a text. Your child will learn to take notes from what they have read and use those notes later. We have custom fill-in-the-blank graphic organizer note-taking forms that make it easy to take notes and organize ideas. Your seventh-grader will become a better thinker as they improve their note-taking and writing skills. 

7th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Long Term Memory

Improve 7th-Grade Reading Comprehension and Build Long Term Memory Skills

The Scholar Within 7th-grade Reading Comprehension Program gives your child life-long study skills by teaching them step-by-step how to build long term memory skills. Your child will answer questions to the selections they have read in the program a day or two later by using the 7th-grade reading comprehension worksheets. Your child will learn to remember and recall what they have read by reviewing notes and writing summaries of them. Your child learns the process they will use for years to come to have success in school and in life.

7th Grade Spelling and Phonics

Learn Spelling, Word Structure, and Word Attack Skills.

In addition to building your 7th-graders vocabulary and comprehension, your student will learn the structure of the English language which makes spelling even the most difficult words easy. Your entering seventh-grader will learn how to spell by spelling patterns through our interactive video lessons. Your kids will learn and practice the phonetic patterns of English through each lesson, spelling activity worksheets, puzzles, and games.

Each week, your child will learn to spell ten new words according to their phonetic spelling patterns. 

Reading Fluency Training

Since reading fluency training is one of the most important strategies used to build your child’s success with reading, Scholar Within includes fluency training. This is your child’s ability to read with speed and accuracy without conscious attention to the mechanics of reading. This is a critical skill as your child moves into the upper grades and the reading material becomes longer and more complicated. 

Our research-proven reading fluency drills work on training your eyes to move more efficiently and smoothly left to right. They also improve your kids’ visual processing speed, or how fast they can retrieve and process what they see. You and your kids will love seeing their improvement each day.

Reading Comprehension and Word Attack Skills Card Game

Boost Word Attack Skills and Play Vocabulary Card Games

Each week your child will play a card game that will work on their word identification skills or comprehension and vocabulary skills. Your child will love these games and want to play them over and over again. Your 7th-grader will build their vocabulary and even demonstrate their knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and homophones.

Planning and Study Skills Weekly Calendar Graphic Organizers

Develop Planning Skills that Stick

Scholar Within’s 7th-Grade Reading Comprehension is not just a Reading program! It also includes those planning skills that are critical for life success. Your child will use fill-in-the-blank daily to-do worksheets and planning calendars to schedule out their days.

Your child will decide when they will do certain activities, and they will estimate how long each activity will take. After the activity is completed, they will reflect on how long it actually took and will start to build their time awareness and planning skills. Your child will strengthen their working memory, flexible thinking, and organization skills.

Scholar Within Reading Program Screenshot

Research-Driven, Results-Proven Curriculum

Every component of our 7th-grade reading program is research-based and is specifically designed to boost your child’s reading skills. The program has been created by learning expert and board-certified educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M.Ed. She put together her 35+ years of working hands-on with children of all learning styles and abilities into this step-by-step program with custom-designed methods that you and your kids will see results each week.

12-Year Old Reading

Develop a Love of Reading

Your child will gain confidence and be excited about reading. Your child will make substantial gains with these effective research-based techniques. Your child will be able to complete their assignments more quickly and easily. They will gain confidence and develop a lifelong love or reading and learning. Your child will do a variety of activities that teach and strengthen all of these skills. Your child will love doing the activities in the program and will want to do them again and again.


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Online 2nd Grade Reading Program

Included in the Program:

  • Weekly Reading Selections
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Reading Fluency Training Drills
  • Phonics and Spelling Video Lessons
  • Spelling Worksheets and Puzzles
  • Video Instruction
  • Graphic Organizer Forms
  • Note-Taking Printables
  • Executive Function Activities
  • Brain-Body Activities
  • Card Games
  • Daily Emails
  • And More!

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