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1st-Grade Summer Reading Program With Spelling and Phonics

Summer Reading Program 2021

This Summer

Level Up Your Entering 1st-Grader’s Reading and Spelling Skills

  • Research-based, results-driven curriculum
  • Step-by-step at-home and online lessons
  • Fun and engaging short, daily activities
  • Carefully selected reading selections and questions
  • Learn to spell with spelling patterns
  • Learn to read faster with our research-proven reading fluency training
  • Play card games that work on phonics skills
  • Feel confident and excited about reading

Scholar Within’s Co-founder Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET has been featured on

CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and Microsoft Partners in Learning

Summer Reading Curriculum
(Grades K-8)

Short, Daily Activities

45-60 Minutes a Day

Weekly Reading Program

6 Week, 8 Week, or 10 Week Program

Online Reading Program

At-Home and Online

Video Spelling Lessons

Video and Audio Lessons

Weekly Schedule

Worksheets and Printables

Help and Support

Help and Support

1st Grade Reading Program Passages

Hand Selected Reading Passages

Your entering first-grader will feel empowered by our 1st-grade reading program engaging stories. Each week there are two new reading selections. We’ve chosen the best reading passages that will open your son or daughter’s world of reading. These 1st-grade reading selections were chosen to help your child learn to read independently. 

Each week, you will get two digital 1st-grade reading passages for your child to read aloud. For each reading, your child will get 1st-grade reading worksheets to fill out to go with the passage that they have read. Your child will learn how to talk about and summarize the stories they have read.

Reading Comprehension Long Term Memory

Build Long Term Memory Skills

Your child will answer questions to the books that they have read in the 1st-grade reading program a day or two later. Your child will learn to remember and recall what they have read by reviewing notes that they have written or dictated about the reading.

Your entering first-grader will learn how to take notes! We have simple graphic organizers that make it easy, where they just fill-in-the-blanks. Graphic organizers have been shown to improve memory skills by making it easy to organize ideas.

5-Minute Reading Fluency Training

Reading fluency training is one of the most important strategies used to build your child’s success with reading. Reading fluency is your child’s ability to read with speed and accuracy without conscious attention to the mechanics of reading.

Our research-proven reading fluency drills work on training your eyes to move more efficiently and smoothly left to right. They also improve your kids’ visual processing speed, or how fast they can retrieve and process what they see. You and your kids will love seeing their improvement each day.

1st Grade Spelling and Phonics

Learn beginning phonics with interactive video spelling lessons.

Your child will learn to identify and match individual letters with their sounds. They will start to understand that spoken words are made up of individual sounds (phonemic awareness). Putting several individual sounds together makes words. The individual sounds of /b/, /a/, and /t/ come together to make the word /bat/. 

Our interactive video spelling lessons explain step-by-step how words are put together. Your child will listen to a sound at a time and use their auditory discrimination skills to determine which letters correspond to the sound. Your child will learn to spell 10 new words each week according to their phonetic spelling patterns. Your child will also learn to recognize easy sight words.

1st Grade Spelling Puzzle Word Search

Spelling Puzzles and Worksheets

Your child will love working on their spelling words with quick 1st-grade worksheets including word searches and puzzles. Each week, they will work on a specific phonetic spelling pattern and will start to identify the patterns in words. They’ll also write their words in sentences.

Rapid Automatized Naming Drills

Rapid Automatized Naming

Rapid naming is one of the biggest predictors of a child’s success with reading. This is your child’s ability to see a shape, symbol, word, or object and to instantly recognize what it is. We have simple, custom-designed drills that you will do a practice and timed read where your child will see their progress in 3-4 days. These drills also work on their eye-tracking skills and start to move their eyes fluidly from left to right across a page.

Planning Study Skills Weekly Calendar Graphic Organizers

Build Executive Function Skills

Executive function skills are the decision making and planning skills that we all need in our daily lives. Your child will help decide when they will do certain activities and they will estimate how long each activity will take. After the activity is completed, they will reflect on how long it actually took and will start to build their time awareness and planning skills.

Brain-Body Activities

1st-Grade Reading Program Includes Brain-Body Activities

The brain and body work together as a machine, one designed to move through space efficiently, walking, moving, and maintaining balance. This connection allows you to see the shapes, sizes, and positions of letters on a page as well as improve eye tracking skills. As we improve the brain-body connection, reading and overall learning improve.

We have different activities each week that your kids will think are just fun games, but the activities actually work on improving their motor skills and brain-body connection.

Scholar Within Reading Program Screenshot

Research-Driven, Results-Proven Curriculum

Every component of our reading program is research-based and is specifically designed to boost your child’s reading skills. The program has been created by learning expert and board-certified educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M.Ed. She put together her 35+ years of working hands-on with children of all learning styles and abilities into this step-by-step program with custom-designed methods that you and your kids will see results each week.

6 Year Old Reading

Develop a Love of Reading

Reading will start to make sense to your child. Your child will develop a strong foundation of reading and overall learning skills. These skills include print awareness, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, phonics skills, and sight word recognition. Your kids will do a variety of activities that teach and strengthen all of these skills. Your child will love doing the activities in the program and will want to do them again and again.

Scholar Within’s Co-Founder Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET has been featured on…

Scholar Within's Co-Founder, Bonnie Terry, has been featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, Microsoft Partners in Learning and more.


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Online 2nd Grade Reading Program

Included in the Program:

  • Weekly Reading Selections
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Reading Fluency Training Drills
  • Phonics and Spelling Video Lessons
  • Spelling Worksheets and Puzzles
  • Video Instruction
  • Graphic Organizer Forms
  • Note-Taking Printables
  • Executive Function Activities
  • Brain-Body Activities
  • Card Games
  • Daily Emails
  • And More!

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