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COVID-19 Announcement: Complimentary Reading Program

Due to COVID-19, we have decided to restructure our pricing on our At-Home and Online Reading Program. For all of April, we offered the program for free for 1-month from sign up. If you missed it, not to worry. We have kept a free trial for 7-days and substantially lowered the price to a low monthly fee.

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We understand that finances are tight and we want to make our program accessible for all families in this unprecedented time. This way, families can give their kids reading instruction that makes a difference.

Scholar Within’s reading program is unique in that it is delivered online, with video lessons, printables, and offline activities that enhance learning. Our program is not exclusively web-based, a lot of the activities are done around the home including writing, brain-body activities, and more. Each day has 4-6 activities for a total of 45-60 minutes of work.

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How is Scholar Within’s Reading Program different?

Research-based, result-driven, and custom-designed activities and drills.
The program has been designed by board-certified educational therapist and learning expert Bonnie Terry. Each activity is research-based and designed to be the most effective for your children to improve their reading and spelling skills. The activities actually make your brain work more efficiently and process information faster.

Short, daily activities.
Research has shown that short, repeated daily activities are able to improve your skills faster than long lessons.

Visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic learning.
We all learn through our senses. Multi-sensory learning is built into each activity to make your brain process information faster and more effectively.

Learn to spell through spelling patterns.
Your kids will learn the structure of the English language by learning to identify the spelling patterns that make up words. They will follow along with video spelling lessons to get a better understanding of why and how we put letters together to make words. Each spelling lesson builds upon what they have learned in the previous lesson.

Your kids will learn how to take notes effectively.
Taking notes is crucial for building strong comprehension skills. We use custom-designed graphic organizer forms that make it easy so your kids will just have to fill-in-the-blanks.

Build long-term comprehension skills.
Your kids will answer questions to their reading selections a couple of days after reading their selection. We do this to stretch their memory skills and build long term reading comprehension.

Strategies that work for students of all capabilities.
These strategies have been developed through over 35 years of teaching thousands of kids of all backgrounds, whether they are struggling, have learning difficulties, or are even just looking to boost their reading and spelling skills.

See your kids’ progress each day.
You and your kids will be able to see tangible results each day by keeping track of your words read per minute. Success is built into the activities to help your kids become confident about their learning.

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Included in the Reading Program:

  • Brain-Based, Research-Based, Results-Driven Curriculum
  • Step-by-Step Bite-Sized Activities
  • Weekly Reading Selections
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Reading Fluency Training Drills
  • Phonics and Spelling Video Lessons
  • Spelling Worksheets and Puzzles
  • Video Instruction
  • Graphic Organizer Forms
  • Note-Taking Printables
  • Executive Function Activities
  • Brain-Body Activities
  • Card Games
  • Daily Emails
  • And More!

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At-Home and Online Reading Program

Who is Scholar Within?

Scholar Within was founded by learning expert Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET. Bonnie began designing and developing her own custom educational tools when she started her private learning center in the 1990s. Teachers kept asking what she was using with the kids who saw her because of the dramatic improvements that the kids made in school. From there, Bonnie decided to make her materials available to teachers and families worldwide.

Now, Bonnie Terry has turned her materials into a full-service online program that you can follow step-by-step at home, on your schedule. School alone is not enough anymore. Bonnie’s programs boost your kid’s overall learning skills by focusing on improving the auditory, visual, and tactile processing areas of your brain to make it work more efficiently.

Learn more about the Reading Program


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