4 Steps to Successful Goal Setting for Kids

What is the best way for your kids to set and accomplish their goals this year? Defining, setting, and prioritizing your goals is the first step to accomplish what you want to do. If you have not clearly defined a goal that you want to accomplish, it is much harder to actually achieve it. When…

10 Back to School Supplies That Make the Difference

What Can You Do to Get Your Kids Off to a Great Start for School Success? Having the right back to school supplies can make the difference between feeling prepared for the school year and not. They can help boost your kids’ confidence as they enter the school year knowing that they have the supplies…

School Success: Goal Planning for Your New School Year

Executive Function Skills, Setting a Big Audacious Goal, and How to Help Your Kids’ Successfully Plan their Year PLUS FREE Goal Planning Worksheet School success depends on executive function. Executive function is all about planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to, and remembering details. In order to succeed, you do need to be somewhat organized. You…

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