Top 6 Reading Fluency Activities

Reading fluency is the speed or rate of reading without conscious attention to the mechanics of reading. A fluent reader has the ability to read and understand words automatically. They are able to more easily comprehend complete sentences and entire reading selections.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading comprehension strategies are a great way to improve your reading comprehension skills. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand, analyze, synthesize, and use what you have read. When you use specific strategies, you make it easier to understand and remember what you have read. “Comprehension is now viewed as a much more complex process…

What is Reading Fluency?

Reading Fluency Definition Reading fluency is the ability to read smoothly, easily, and quickly. Good readers can read words automatically without having to sound out each syllable (also known as decoding). In other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and attention on the mechanics of reading. Reading becomes easy. Word recognition…

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