Father and Daughter Valentine's Day Activities For Kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are perfect for reinforcing learning skills with activities, crafts, and games for kids. It is one of our favorite days of the year. Valentine’s Day is a time of love and reflection on our family relationships and friends.

We have 3 simple activities that you can do with your kids this Valentine’s Day to improve their learning skills and make the day that much more memorable.

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1. What’s Missing: Valentine’s Game

This Valentine’s Day activity for kids is perfect for building visual memory and visual discrimination skills.

  • Place different Valentine related items onto a tray.
    This could be heart candies, lollipops, doilies, flowers, heart cookie cutters, an ace of hearts, candles, photos, etc.
  • Have everyone look at the items for 1 minute.
  • Cover up the tray with a sheet or pillowcase.
  • Have the players write down all the items that they remember.
  • Uncover the tray and have players notice any items they missed by reviewing their notes. Have players put their notes to the side.
  • Cover the tray and have players close their eyes.
  • Take one item away while all eyes are closed.
  • Uncover the tray and have players guess what item is missing. This time, do not allow players to review their notes.
  • Repeat this process of taking away items and having kids guess what is missing until nothing is left.

2. Missing Piece of My Heart: Valentine’s Activity

Valentine's Day Activity: Find the Missing Piece of My Heart
  • First, draw 4 to 6 hearts on red construction paper.
  • Next, cut out each heart.
  • Then, cut each heart into two to three pieces. Make the cuts irregular so that no two hearts are the same.
  • Mix the heart pieces up and lay them out on a table.
  • Put the hearts back together.

This Valentine’s Day activity helps kids with visual closure, visual discrimination, and form constancy.

3. Valentine’s Day Card Crafting Activity

Valentine's Day Card Activity for Kids
  • Make a simple Valentine’s Day card with red, pink, and white construction paper.
  • Choose one piece of paper as the base of your card and fold it in half.
  • With a different color piece of construction paper, hole punch circles, or tear small pieces of paper.
  • Layout the shape of a heart with the torn pieces of paper or circular shapes onto the base card.
  • Glue the small circular holes or torn pieces of paper onto the card.
  • Let your card dry.
  • Write a message inside the card and give it to your favorite Valentine!

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day activities for kids? Let us know in the comments below.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year!

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