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Reading and Spelling: Decoding and Encoding

How are Reading and Spelling Connected? Reading and spelling are two sides of the same coin. In order to do one part well, you need the other part. In order to read, you need to decode (sound out) words. In order to spell, you need to encode words. In other words, pull the sounds apart…

Kids Out of School? How to Create a Daily Schedule for Kids

The school closures are affecting thousands of families. The disruption to our daily lives is hard to overstate. Our kids will be feeling the stress of that uncertainty for sure—even if they don’t show it.   Having a routine is essential to success. Routine gives all of us structure and a sense of accomplishment. Keeping our kids in…

Sleep Problems? Tips to Help You Adjust to the Time Change

Sleep problems can affect all of us and are especially difficult with the time change. Sleep is critical for our minds, memory, learning, and development. While you are sleeping, your brain organizes information, makes connections, and even solves problems. Sleep helps transform your short term memory into long-term memories. Susumu Tonegawa, the Professor of Biology and…

Choosing the Best Dictionary for Students

Selecting the best dictionary for your students can make all the difference. As parents and teachers, we know the value of reference books like the dictionary and the thesaurus. These reference books help us to understand what we read, build our vocabulary, and improve our writing skills. As a teacher, I have a variety of…

10 Best Practices to Improve Reading Comprehension

When you use best practices for improving reading comprehension, it is easier to understand what you have read. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand, analyze, synthesize, and use what you have read. Continue reading to discover 10 best practices to improve reading comprehension.

Vocabulary and Reading: The Connection

How are vocabulary and reading connected? To be able to understand what you have read, you need to know the meaning of the words that you are reading. Research tells us that vocabulary knowledge, including both oral and written vocabulary, is critically important for a child’s success in school (Kamil et al., 2008). That being…

Auditory Processing and Spelling

What is Auditory Processing? Have you ever heard a new word and tried to spell it? Doing this helps you to remember the new word. The task of reading new words is much easier than spelling new words. Reading words is the process of decoding. Spelling is the process of encoding. These are two sides…

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